Time for a Hiatus. But there's Meta to be found elsewhere!
DW - tw babiez d/r
With a Doctor Who rewatch starting up, it seems like a good time to put the weekly questions on hiatus in this community. All episodes will be gone through and metaed in dwrewatch, and no sense trying to reinvent the wheel. Especially since I suspect there's a crossover of people in both communities. :)

The first post of 1x01 Rose is already up, and it looks like discussions are already taking off!

"You wanna talk about what's under this dressing gown?"


TenToo and blood/anger/revenge
10Too bwbkiss2

The Doctor Who Meta Community is a weekly discussion comm that sponsors topics relating to both Nu Who and Classic Who. Every Monday is a new topic relating to Nu Who, and every Wednesday is a new topic relating to Classic Who.

This week, we discuss Ten's accusation that TenToo is full of "blood, anger and revenge". Feel free to come give your thoughts!

(Posted with permission from our lovely affiliate here, thanks <3!)

We ask the important questions here.
DW - Ten II/Rose
It seems some people don't like the idea of the Doctor and Rose taking care of/raising children due to the lifestyle.

But how about pets? Can they have a pet? :D

Would the Doctor and Rose battle it out between a dog and a cat? Would a hedgehog win? And would it come with them on adventures?

(Maybe they could get a van and a talking dog...)

Diverging a bit...
DW - Mickey/Martha wtf RTD?
After being submerged in Tumblr this past week, I've discovered that Rose fans really don't like any other companions. Just Rose. (Erm, sarcasm here.)

So how about commenting with the non-Rose companions you like, and why!

dogs - super wienerdog
What kind of fanfic would the Doctor write? How about Rose? Or Jackie? Martha? Donna? Mickey? ... Jack?

(Assuming they would write Doctor Who fanfiction for some universe-bending reason.)

Bonus points for sharing a line or two of their fanfic. :D

Let it become a strange little thing standing on a street corner...
DW - TARDIS pished
This week's topic comes from ladyprydian:

If Ten2/handy/clone and Rose have a piece of TARDIS coral and make a grow-your-own-TARDIS, what happens to TARDIS-2.0 when Ten2/handy/clone and Rose die of old age?

It's a baby something!
DW - New Adventures
A couple of weeks ago the rumor was going around that the new Doctor Who companion was the daughter of TenII/Cloen/Handy and Rose. (And like 95% of Doctor Who rumors, it was fairly quickly disproved.)

Courtesy of Awkward Family Pictures Photography. What can we say? It's a weird trend in the altverse.

Even though not true, could you ever picture something like this happening? How do you think things would go? How would the Doctor (Original Version) react to something like that? Would the offspring have any special powers?

Bonus question: Did Rose Jr. know her father or did he really run off to Brazil?

It takes three to tango.
DW - Stargate
Today's topic is about threesomes! :D

Rose: Erm...
Doctor: Do you like this time period? No reason.

So do you think a third person with the Doctor and Rose would work? Not work? In the romantic sense, that is.

How about Ten/TenII/Rose? What would have happened if they couldn't magically hop off to another universe and the three of them were all on the TARDIS? And would things have gotten better or worse with Eleven?

Best Couple Friends!
DW - shoes
Thanks to people who commented about meta topics! If you have any more, just comment over here. No time limit on submittals. :)

But back to it! rosaxx50 had a fun topic for this week:

Who would the Doctor and Rose be willing to double date with? Or maybe a good question is who would be willing to double date with the Doctor and Rose? XD

Meta topics?
DW - RotC
I'm getting low on meta topic ideas once again. Is there anything you would like to see discussed here?

I'll screen comments so as not to give the topic away until the day, but you will be credited for the idea. (Unless you ask not to be.)


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