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Welcome to d_r_meta! Doctor/Rose shippers don't always have a hive mind, and opinions about issues can be varied and sometimes surprising.

Each week we'll post a different topic for discussion. It could be something serious like class issues or something silly like the great mysteries of Time Lord anatomy. Topics might cover Nine, Ten, Ten II, Eleven, or if we're getting really crazy, One. (Okay, probably not so much on One.)

Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments of the weekly post, or if you've got more to say or want to do a picspam on the subject, you can make a new post in the community. Just remember to lj-cut large and/or graphics-heavy posts.

play nice!
We expect discussion and debate, but please remember to be considerate of each other. We will not tolerate character/actor/TPTB bashing, and mods will have to use their judgment on where the line is. Also remember that the term "Mary Sue" is a tired fannish term that has pretty much lost all meaning other than "I hate this character but I'm trying to justify it."

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our mods over here.

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